There’s gravel in my gut
Aseity is my form
Asteroids orbit my Angkor Wat voice
Fortify, multiply, resupply…
Demystify the horrible events that await us
As diversion from the truth —
Powerful financial terrorists and spies
Undermine capitalism, our freedoms
In their ravenous lust for power
They print endless amounts of money.
Financial terrorists enslave all
With lockdowns and masks
For the disease created in a lab and unleashed upon us.
What if the world is not as they describe?
Younger Dryas caused our social amnesia
From those that lived before us.
Bitcoin provides hope for a better future!
This scarce and beautiful digital money
Removes the root source of their despotic power —
The ability for…

Sitting beside the black diagonals of the rubber doormat
Is a pair of Chaco’s in the dirt
The sandal straps, green and blue, rigid in place
Waiting patiently for the next step
Down a well-maintained USFS gravel road, around
Twenty meters from where I’m parked, camping
Alone, except for the varied calls of passing birds, and
In the distance, a fire lookout tower, whose attendant, I hope
Greatly appreciates the hospitality of their view.
I’m on an adventure to the Malhuer National Forest
To escape the low elevations of August, to isolate
And to read, observe, consider, and reflect —…

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