It was two hours before sky-dark

When the badger was defeated,

Crippled in spirit,

Awkwardly bruised from the imperial battle,

Humbled by the more capable creature

Hell-bent on shaping the mountain

In the image of its rage.

A bird, soaring kingly in the ocean-gray sky,

Observed the badger’s thrashing

Through the autumn evening rain haze,

Predicting the astringent badger would become

Disloyal in character, acidic, unwell.

In time, sadly, the badger proved the bird true,

Plotting with a doltish, clumsy raven

The humiliated badger prepared an attack

To malign the bird’s account of the beating.

Unbeknownst to the badger the spying eyes

Of an eagle from afar also bore witness,

Saving the bird from unholy disparage

Claimed by the deficient duo.

Sullen, the badger went back to its hole in the ground,

The dimwitted raven knew not what to think.

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